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I'm Rachel, and I would love to be your  coach, motivator, friend, and confidant. My goal is to transform your body, health and self- love in my 12 week intensive online coaching and personal training program.

 It is time to get a fitness program catered to YOU and YOUR goals. Online coaching is an affordable and easy way to have personalized training that fits your unique schedule. You can be anywhere in the world and complete this training!

Each workout is YOUR workout!! This is not one sized all coaching, everything is made just for you. Whether you are traveling, working out at home, or going to the gym, this coaching is customized EVERY week to fit your needs.


You will have an app at your finger tips on your phone or on your computer telling you what to do, and exactly how to do it. No more trying to come up with a routine on the fly, and no more missing body parts.This is extremely personalized programming designed to lead you down a straight path to your goals. YOU GOT THIS!!!

Women who are ready to make a change in their body, health, and happiness through one on one coaching, fitness, nutrition, and mindset. If you have recently had a baby, you must be at least 8 weeks post-partum.

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Each Customized 

Program Includes 


My clients have reported everything from more confidence, more energy and more strength to more personal wins, such as actually liking what the see in the mirror! Whatever the reason, my clients and their goals are #1 to me. Achieving a higher sense of self, love and overall health benefits are goals I love to reach for with my clients, along with their personal goals. Ideas for workouts, recipes and knowledge on how to execute a well balance program – I share it all with my clients, I'm like their resident expert in healthy living, accountability and training! Especially with my clients who are beginners or have seemingly huge mountains to climb to get to where they want to be, I love encouraging, guiding and helping them -  “I didn’t know how to work out before I met you” is one of the best compliments I have ever got, and that client finding confidence in herself and her choices will last her a lifetime!


Customized Workouts – easy-to-understand videos and directions come with each and every movement, plus drop and drag your workouts to fit your schedule!

Nutrition Guidelines – no calorie counting or eating plain oatmeal, my nutrition guides are customized to fit your life, your likes and your tastebuds!

Weekly Personal Video Coaching – to keep connected, talk through deeper issues and discuss anything on your mind. I'm your personal expert and cheerleader in your health journey! 

Motivation Check-in 

Weekly Inspiration – delivered directly to you, because we're not just building a healthy body, we're building a strong mind, too!

24/7 Text access to me: keep accountable and pumped up with our weekly phone call. I will help you with whatever you need to make YOU successful.

Progress Tracking – celebrate the wins and track how far you've come with your own customized coaching app! Easy to use, understand and check in with on the go in your busy life!

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Let's make sure we are a perfect fit and get you on your way to your best life! 

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