Field Fitness Testing


 I am a former high school All-American, NCAA College athlete, and personal trainer who has been through her share of training and Fitness Testing. I know exactly what to do to design a program for you or a family member to make the team, excel in athletics, get in shape for pre-season or try-outs, and pass any fitness test.

Who is right for this program?

Want to achieve success and crush your goals? This program is perfect for high school and college athletes, future police and fire professionals, as well as government and military employees that are required to pass physical tests. Geared towards high-performers who don't quit, this customized program gets you to where you need to be in 4-6 weeks.


What is included?

Included in this intensive, laser focused program is:

Initial Deep-dive Consultation – we chat via phone about your current stats, health and goals for the assessment. Everything from fears to specific stations of the test will be discussed so I can build your perfect workout program!

Customized Workouts – ensured to get you to your goals and beyond, while taking care of your body and achieving success safely. Tailored to your test and fitness levels, these workouts are easily accessed via mobile for on-the-go availability.

Bi-Weekly Text Check-In keep accountable and pumped up with our twice a week check ins!

Question Support – questions can be answered on the app or by email to ease your worries and help clarify anything you need!

Pre-Test Phone Coaching Sessions – pump up, focus and get your mind right to achieve your goals right before your big day!